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turning the inside out: can counselling change society?

Perhaps most of us associate counselling with ‘private’ or personal problems: anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties or loss seem to belong to the inner world of our individual psyches, or to the private realms of our intimate lives. Counsellors emphasise that they provide ‘safe spaces’, client confidentiality and emotional ‘containment’, for sound ethical reasons. Such language, […]

cancer anxiety: the new taboo?

Statistics can be terrifying. The news from Cancer Research UK that the proportion of those expected to develop cancer at some point in their lives has ‘risen’ from one in three to half of those born after 1960 has an apocalyptic ring to it (Sarah Boseley, The Guardian Society, 4th Feb, 2015). Hidden in the […]

who cares?

The current debate in the news about our political parties’ views on the funding of social care for the elderly and more vulnerable members of our communities, focuses on whether government funding should go to local authorities, the NHS or the providers of care. Wherever the funds come from for the coordination and delivery of […]